These silver, bronze, copper, sterling silver, white copper, and marriage-of-metal relief wall sculptures by visual artist Lori Field are each handmade and can also be worn as adornment. The figures are conceived as amulets and talismans that continue to reflect an interest in creating mythological and anthropomorphic objects potent with idiosyncratic symbolism and meaning. Lori refers to these as her Lost Civilization. Fascinated by the archaeology of lost worlds and concerned about her own 'known' world eventually becoming lost, she has 'unearthed' an imaginary and hitherto unknown archaeological site where each figure recovered possesses both archaic qualities and conspicuously anachronistic that there will be some question as to whether they are relics of a distant past or perhaps surviving evidence of our ruined future.

“Recently...a groundbreaking archaeological discovery unveiled the largest collection of ancient talismans and sculptural figures ever found, accidentally discovered by amateur divers and possibly dating back thousands of years. Marine archaeologists, using metal detectors, then found an even larger haul of these amulets of various metals, dimensions and weights.The treasure trove of these ancient figures were probably swept up in recent storms, and they provide 'fascinating and rare historical evidence from an unknown lost civilization perhaps from long ago or even more intriguingly, one yet to come. Most were in excellent condition. They didn't require any cleaning or conservation, despite having been at the bottom of the sea or traveling through time for about a millennium. Archaeologists hoped that further excavations at the site of the discovery would make it possible to supplement our understanding of the entire archaeological context and thus answer many questions that still remain unanswered about this treasure and it's significance to a lost civilization of ancient or future times.”