Peaches - bronze, silver, copper
 Tyger Shaman - silver
 “No” charm (bracelet not included) - silver
 Attila the Horse - white copper, silver
 Icarus - silver
 Abominable Blue Buddha Bunny - fine silver
 Tyger Shaman with leaves - fine silver
 Dodo Bird (pictured with Three Twins wearable drawing) - bronze
 Praying Bird (pictured with various Buddhas) - fine silver
 Whirling Dervishes - white copper, fine silver versions shown
 Monsieur Chevalier - silver and white copper/copper versions
 Rococo Zarafa - fine silver
 Behind Every Good Woman is a Little Man - silver
Intergalatic Bunny
Little Feral Husband
 T-Rex Baby - silver
 Bunny with Flying Fish charm - bronze, silver
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